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Dear Sri Vaishnava-s:
Welcome to the revamped web site! The humble likhita kaimkaryam started 21 years ago has blossomed now into a rich and frequently used website housing 412 e-Books. It is satisfying to know that these books are being actively used by many across the globe. A charter member of the Sri Hayagriva Likhitha Kaimkarya Ghoshti has conceptualized the  design of this new website with many new features and has built  it. Please browse and let us know of any improvements that you would recommend in the areas of user friendliness in navigation, adequacy of search features and any other things that we should tweak. 
Lovingly nurtured by devoted volunteers from different parts of the world, Sri Hayagriva Likhita Kaimkarya Ghoshti takes pleasure and pride in presenting the newly revamped site for all interested readers to visit and enjoy. For those curious about the evolution of this kaimkaryam from its early days to present we have given below a brief glimpse of key stages in the transformation of this website over the course of many years. Though much has been accomplished through the Divine Grace of Acharya-s, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done yet, such as covering  additional Sri Sukti-s bequeathed to us by many of our Purvacharya-s. May Lord Hayagrivan bless us with Divine Knowledge and Strength to cover them! May Lord Hayagrivan bless all the volunteers and the users of this site with all auspiciousness!
dAsan, Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan

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Glimpses into the evolution of the website
The start of likhita kaimkaryam: The eBooks are the final stage of the likhita kaimkaryam begun by Sri V Sadagopan Swami in June 1995. By his own self-deprecating and amused acknowledgement, he has always been writing about one thing or another and the many pages of neatly handwritten manuscripts that Sri V Sadagopan Swami has created on Divya Desam-s, Sri Sukti-s of Swami Desikan and other Purvacharya-s, are eloquent testimonials for his prolific writing and the complete blessing of Sri Hayagriva kataksham on him.  It is a mark of his genius that in spite of the common thread of philosophy that discusses about the various tattvam-s and the greatness of bhagavan, every book he has written or article he has posted is unique and can be savored as a special experience. His presence on the Internet  on  things related to sampradayam and Sri Sukti-s began in 1995.  I give the link below for the first Introduction eMail posted by Sri Sadagopan Swami in June 1995 to the erstwhile bhakti list group that was the precursor to the many yahoo groups that abounded in the later years.
From 1995 till Jul 2003 when the bhakti list group wound up, Sri V Sadagopan Swami's articles featured regularly in the groups and paved the way for many clueless but avidly interested youngsters and elders to rediscover our sampradayam in an easy to understand format.
Why does Sri V Sadagopan Swami write: Sri V Sadagopan Swami's primary goal was and continues to be vidya danam - to educate the interested readers about the  greatness of the illustrious sampradayam that has been bequeathed by our Elders to us and to re-kindle the efforts to serve Acharya-s and encourage bhagavat-bhagavata kaimkaryam-s.  The medium of English which is an universal language now was put to the maximum use by Sri V Sadagopan Swami to enlighten those that have either relocated to countries outside of India and/or are more conversant with English than Sanskrit, Tamil, Manipravalam or other regional languages of India.  There are many who have benefitted from these writings of Sri V Sadagopan Swami, by which he has built a bridge for them to access rare grantham-s and great works of Acharya-s, which is usually taught only for a selected few through kalakshepam route.  The many grateful emails that Sri V Sadagopan Swami receives from good people, thanking him for his kindness in “spoon-feeding” them on many intricate and subtle details of philosophy and worship are proof positive of the power of his writings.
Kaimkaryams: More often than not Sri V Sadagopan Swami’s articles are the primary source of many fund raising efforts that fructified into fulfilled kaimkaryam-s at many Divya Desam-s as follows
a) Thiruvendipuram - Ratnangi kaimkaryam for Lord Devanathan, Mandapa kaimkaryam, Swarna Simhasana kaimkaryam for Swami Desikan as well as Navamani Malai thiruvabharanam for Lord Devanathan, Three strand pearl necklace (mummani kovai) thiruvabharanam for Sri Hemabjavalli Thayar. More recently Garuda Pathakkam for Swamy Desikan, a Sesha Pitam and Ratnangi for Sri Yoga Hayagrian, Muthtangi for the Oushada Giri Sri LakshmiHayagrivan. The last three samarpanangal mentioned above have been blessed by Srimad Prakrutam Azhagiyasingar
b) Thuppul: Veda Patasala kaimkaryam, Swami Desikan thirumaligai kaimkaryam, Makara  Kandi, Prabandhasara haram, Dasavatara haram, Kati Sutra thiruvabharanangal samarpana kaimkaryam for Swami Desikan  
c) Srirangam: the repair and renovation of Silver Clad Sri Kulasekhara padi and Vasantha Mandapa kaimkaryams at Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Swami temple
d) Thiruvinnagaram: Shenpaka Malai  kaimkaryam, the Ruby Crown for Sri Bhumi Devi Thayar, Mutthangi for Moolavar Sri Oppiliappan and Ratnangi for utsavar Sri Ponnappan.
e) SrI Villiputtur: Mutthangi for Sri Andal and Sri Andal kondai kaimkaryam
f) Sri Sannidhi Kaimkaryangal:  the yearly Chathurmasya kaimkaryam for Sri Ahobila Matam Acharya-s thru coverage of 60 plus days of Aradhanam at Sri Sannidhi for the past ten years ,  the yearly Swathi thirumanjanam-s for Sri Malolan, the Saffron flower samarpana kaimkaryam for preparing the fragrance for Tirtha Prasadam, the Achidram, Aswameda, Kataka parayana kaimkaryam at Sri Sannidhi on Ekadasi/Dwadasi days, Sri Ashtalakshmi Swarna Haram kaimkaryam for Sri Malolan, Sri Ashtalakshmi Silver Kudam Samarpanam for Sri Malolan and Swarna Simhasana Samarpanam for HH Srimad Azhagiyasingar (HH the 45th Pattam), The Swarna Sri Lakshmi coin Haram with Mango Design for Sri Malolan, the Swarna Karnapatram for Sri Prahlada Varadar at Sri Ahobilam, Silver Kavacham for Sri Bhargava Narasimha and Sri Yogananda Narasimhar at Sri Ahobilam, the Silver Cladding of the Divine Sandals (Divya Padukai-s) of all Srimad Azhagiyasingars from Sri Adhi VanSatakopa Jiyar to HH the 45th Pattam Sri Narayana Yatindra Maha Desikan. The Thirumanjanam for these Padukai-s occur every Dwadasi day. The digitalization of the entire issues of Sri Nrusimha Priya magazine from 1945-2005 was completed and the content is used by scholars. Presenting the prasadam-s and tagadi-s from 106 Divya Desam-s to HH Srimad 46th Pattam Azhagiyasingar on sixtieth tirunakshatra mahotsavam (Sashtiabdha purthi). DVD-s on Pancha Suktams- with meanings, Chathurveda Sandhyavandhanam-s with meanings for the Mantram-s, Translations of Ahnika Grantham etc.,
g) New York:  Samprokshana kaimkaryam at SrI Ranganatha Temple at Pomona, Newyork, USA.
Oppiliappan e-group: Sri V Sadagopan Swami started the Oppiliappan e-group in yahoogroups to continue with his likhita kaimkaryam-s post bhakti list. During this time Sri V Sadagopan Swami was also the conceptual head and content developer for the website alongwith Sri Sreyas Sarangan, a graduate student at that time in an University in USA. This website contains valuable information about the Divya Desam of Thiruvinnagar/Oppiliappan Koil including the Pasuram-s of the Azhwar-s and audios on  Suprabhatham, Prapatti, and Mangalam as well as a  special Thirumanjana Kattiyam for Sri Oppiliappan . In 2001 Sri Anil Thakur created under guidance from Sri V Sadagopan Swami the portal of to house the various articles that Swami posted in various e-groups, under one place for easy reference.  As the volumes of articles began to grow it was decided that a better way of presenting these articles for the next generation was required. Thus began the rudiments of e-Books creation efforts.  
SUNDARASIMHAM SERIES:  In 2006 as the celebration for HH the 45th pattam Srimad Azhagiyasingar's Satabhisheka Mahotsavam was being planned, a team of volunteers from different continents took up the blessed work under the benevolent guidance of Sri V Sadagopan Swami to create 108 e-Books from the articles so far posted by Sri V Sadagopan Swami in various e-groups and make that as a samarpanam to HH Srimad Azhagiyasingar.   With the blessings of the compassionate Acharyan and a Sri Mukham from Him, the e-Books kaimkaryam was started, Here is the link to the announcement about the special website dedicated to the celebration of the Satabhisheka Mahotsava Samarpanam 
The series was concluded in Nov 2006 and the 108 e-Books samarpanam was made to Acharyan at His Satabhisheka utsavam at Srirangam   Sri Stuti was the first book to be released in this series and the Vaibhavam of Thiruvinnagrappan was the last e-book.
AHOBILAVALLI SERIES: Continuing the trend of releasing the e-Books as they were by now very popular and sought after by readers, the next set of 108 e-Books samarpanam-s were taken up under Ahobilavalli series.  Since the first series was named after Sri Malolan and Acharyan (Sundarasimham=Azhagiyasingar), it was considered appropriate to begin the new series under Thayar's name.  The first e-Book in this series was released on Dec 2006. Link for the announcement is at the URL:
This series came to a close with another set of 108 e-Books in 2008
SRIHAYAGRIVAN SERIES: Swami Desika prabhandam-s and stotram-s were already covered in  But the need to complete the coverage of all works of Swami Desikan as well as more esoteric grantha-s of Purvacharya-s, was realized by the start of the new series under to house another 108 e-Books and more.  This site was begun on April 2008
ALAMELUMANGA SERIES: Midway thru Srihayagrivan series, a special website to house the sthabakam-s of the Divine Sri LakshmI Sahasram on Sri Padmavati Thayar of Thiruchanur, composed by Sri Venkatadvari kavi was initiated
The site was blessed with Srimukham-s from HH Srimad Azhagiyasingar, HH Srimad Paravakottai Andavan, HH Sri Rangapriya Swami and HH Srimad Parakala Matam Jiyar.  This website came to a nirvigna purthi during the Kartika Month Brahmotsavam of Thiruchanur Thayar on Nov 21, 2010 
GODHA SERIES OF EBOOKS: There are now over 50 e-Books that have been released under the latest e-Books series called as Godha Series.  
1) (Award - birudhu - of "Sri Nrsimha Seva Rasikar" conferred on Swami by HH Srimad Azhagiyasingar (45th pattam) at Srirangam during His Satabhishekam. 
2) (Award - birudhu of "Sri Vedanta Desika Padambuja Seva Rasikar" conferred on Swami by Sri Vilakkoli Perumal Thooppul Vedanta Desikan charitable trust, Kanchipuram
3)  (Award of Kaimkarya Ratnam was conferred on Sri V Sadagopan Swami by Ramanuja Mission, USA)
Uniqueness of this site: The focus is to serve as a queryable database and  a single point reference for the diverse aspects of the doctrines and practice of Vishistadvaitham, Acharya-s and Divya Desam-s. 412  Free e-Books on every aspect of sampradayam have been assembled so far.  Free audios and many rare grantham-s (philosophical texts) that cannot be found anywhere else have been assembled here.  Colorful presentation featuring high resolution pictures of various Divya Desa Divya Dampatis, Utsavam-s, Sri Matam and Ashramam-s are housed here .
Future Directions: Swamy Desikan alone has blessed us with 130 Sri Sukti-s as our Kula Dhanam. They break down into following six categories:
A. Sanskrit Texts dealing with  Philosophy and Religion ( 25 )
B. Literary Works in Sanskrit (15)
C. Stotram-s  or Devotional Lyrics (30)
D. Rahasya Grantam-s in Manipravalam (34)
E. Tamil Sri Sukti-s ( 24)
F. The Miscellaneous works ( 20)
Among these 130 works of Swamy Desikan, atleast 15 are no longer available to us (e.g) Adhikarana Darpana, Nigama Parimalam, Ammanaippa, Usarpa, Yesarpaa, Kalarppa, Pantuppa, Thirumudiyadaivu, Silpa Sastra, Vedartha Sangraha Vyakhyana, Madhurakavi Hrudayam, Steya Virodha, Samasya Sahasra, Cakara Samarthana , Rasabhaumamruta  and Vrukshabhaumamruta are no longer available to us.  We have covered so far the 28 stotram-s, 21 Tamil Prabandham-s, 5 Kavyam-s and 28 Rahasya grantam-s in Manipravalam.
33 Sri Suktis need to be covered yet as e-Books under a new series in the now revamped website.  Similar effort will be extended to cover the  uncovered Sri Sukti-s of other Sri Vaishnava Acharya-s like Kuresar, Parasara Bhattar and others. We are currently moving on to the delivery of content via Mobile Technologies to disseminate Sampradayic Information speedily.
namo Sri HayagrivAya!