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Lord Oppliappan on SrI Hanumath Vahanam


Ahobila Matam Achaarya paramparai is an ancient one. The First of the AchAryans, SrI Adhi VaNN SaTakOpa YathIndhra MahA DEsikan recieved SanyAsa asramam directly from the divine hands of SrI Lakshmi Nrusimhan on September 1379 at Ahobila KshEthram. Today, HH The 45th Pattam Azhagiya Singar, my AchAryan is adorning the throne of AhObila (SrI) Matam now.  This SrI Matam AchArya Paramparai is one of the noble paramparais that is distinguished by AchAryAs known for their Jn~Anam (Scholarship), AchAram/anushtAnam (Dhaarmic way of Life) and VairAgyam (dispaasion).

HH The 26th Pattam Azhagiya Singar, SrI RanganAtha YathIndhra MahA Desikan ascended the throne in 1811 and reigned for 18 years. He is known as the avathAram (incarnation) of ANDAL. He blessed us with a very important SrI Kosam revered as "SrI VaishNava SadAchArya NirNayam”. This source grantham has been the reference for many generations of VaidhikAs of SrI Sannidhi. In 1990, the current HH the 45th Pattam Azhagiya Singar, SrI NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA Desikan wrote an elaborate commentary for the above grantham . This is now the basis of Vaidhika anushtAnams for many aasthikAs. It covers the daily anushtAnams (observances) from Brahma MuhUrtham (dawn) to retiring for the night. It has extensive coverage on the rules for body purifications, adorning of ThirumaNN (Urdhva PuNDrams), performance of SandhyA Vandhanams including the Gayathri Japam, Argya PradhAnam, AshtAkshara Manthra Japam, Aadhara SakthyAdhi and KaaNDarshi TarpaNams and  Brahma Yaj~nam. This SrI Kosam has instructions on how and when to collect TuLasi, Dharbham and Samith for daily observances. It has elaborate sections on performing the daily Bhagavadh AarAdhanam (ijyai and abhigamana vesrsions), ways to partake PrasAdhams of PerumAl during BhOjanam and many other Vaidhika anushtAnams.

AchAram is very important for a Vaidhikan. Dharma Saasthrams emphasize AchAram the foremost. Dharmam arises from AchAram and anushtAnam. Among the daily observances, Sandhya Vandhanam is very important. Without performance of SandhyA Vandhanam, one is not eligible to perform any Vaidhika KarmAs. SandhyA Vandhanam is one of the major parts of Ahnikam. The other observances (Ahnikam) from the time of getting up from the bed to retiring for the day are: Arising from bed at Dawn, Meditation on the sacred feet of the Lord, Bathing before Sunrise, Morning  SandhyA worship, argya pradhAnam, Gaayathri and AshtAkshara Manthra Japams, OupAsanam, AgnihOthram, Brahma Yaj~nam,abhigamana aarAdhanam, Bathing at noon, MadhyAhnika SandhyA worship,IjyA ArAdhanam, VaisvadEvam, BhOjanam, PurANa/ithihAsa PaarAyaNams (SrImath RaamAyaNam et al ), Evening SandhyA, OupAsanam, AgnihOthram, Vedaadhyayanam, Night BhOjanam, retiring after reflecting on the Lord's glories. These karmAs from dawn to night are known as Ahnikam.

Today, Sakthi, SampradhAyam and SadaachAram have diminished. Those VaidhikAs, who are observing SadAchAram (SadaachAra SampannAs or SishtAs) still are amidst us and are guiding us. When in doubt, we approach them to get initiated. The best of course is to approach one's own AchArya for clarification of doubts. Reference to sources like HH the 45th Pattam SrImath Azhagiya Singar's classical commentary is vital for ascertainment of the right way to perform Ahnikam.

We will also release educational material in the form of CD ROMs, Videos and postings in the SrI VaishNava Lists from time to time to share these valuable information handed to us by our AchAryas starting from AchArya RaamAnuja, who blessed us with the first Nithya Grantham (Ahnikam).

SrIMath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan Oppiliappn Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan


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