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Dear Sri Vaishnava-s:
Welcome to the revamped web site! The humble likhita kaimkaryam started 21 years ago has blossomed now into a rich and frequently used website housing 412 e-Books. It is satisfying to know that these books are being actively used by many across the globe. A charter member of the Sri Hayagriva Likhitha Kaimkarya Ghoshti has conceptualized the  design of this new website with many new features and has built  it. Please browse and let us know of any improvements that you would recommend in the areas of user friendliness in navigation, adequacy of search features and any other things that we should tweak. 
Lovingly nurtured by devoted volunteers from different parts of the world, Sri Hayagriva Likhita Kaimkarya Ghoshti takes pleasure and pride in presenting the newly revamped site for all interested readers to visit and enjoy. For those curious about the evolution of this kaimkaryam from its early days to present we have given below a brief glimpse of key stages in the transformation of this website over the course of many years. Though much has been accomplished through the Divine Grace of Acharya-s, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done yet, such as covering  additional Sri Sukti-s bequeathed to us by many of our Purvacharya-s. May Lord Hayagrivan bless us with Divine Knowledge and Strength to cover them! May Lord Hayagrivan bless all the volunteers and the users of this site with all auspiciousness!
dAsan, Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan

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