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Varadachari SadagopanABOUT THIS WEBSITE

Welcome to - a Sri Vaishnava Portal dedicated to the writings of Sriman Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan. The name Varadacahri Sadagopan is well known in the Sri Vaishnava circle for his immense contributions to the Sath Sampradayam. This website houses his commentaries in English, comprising on various topics such as Sri Vaishnava Sampradayic texts on topics like Vishistadvaitham, Acharyas, Sthothras, Divya Deshams and many rare granthams that cannot be found anywhere else. These english commentaries  were written by Sriman Sadagopan swamin and complied from their contributions for over a dozen years and released in the form of over 360 e-books with beautiful, rare images and in some cases audio files. The website also houses a few commentaries from other eminent scholars.

His primary goal was and continues to be Vidya daanam - to educate the interested readers in the greatness of our illustrious sampradayam. He has always believed that these commentaries in English will be a bridge for the younger generation, as well as those not conversant or comfortable in Sanskrit or Tamil to access and enjoy these great works of our Acharyas and rare granthams. He has received accolades and grateful appreciation from bhaagavads, scholars and bhaktas for the intricate and subtle details of philosophy - such is the power of his writings.



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