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Dear respected devotees ,

The Portal is going to have restricted access and the 350 e-books there in the Five  hyperlinked websitesare available for download by the registered members. There are 30,000 Pages of content in this Portal that is associated with Sri VaishNava SampradhAyam , AzhwAr’s Prabhandhams , AchArya Sri Sooktis and daily observances and many more .

The suggested sambhavanai for the membership per year is $100 in USA and  Rs.5000 in India. The proceedings will be used for divyadesam and acharya kaimkaryams. Till the new website is up, you can send your membership samarpanam to one or the other of the two addresses :

Devotees residing in USA

Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

16 Rockledge ave  6B1

Ossining , NY 10562

Devotees residing in India

Balaji Ankem,

C/o Sai Balaji Residency,

H.No:2-32, F.No:203,

Sivaji Nagar, Seri Lingampally,



V. Sadagopan

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